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Marketing Support

What good is a book without publicity. ASP will coach and direct you with marketing strategies that will get your book noticed by friends, family, and media contacts.


Social Marketing

Stay connected with readers through social media which is a great place to market and showcase your work. Just to name a few:Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


Digital Marketing

Ebooks are here to stay. ASP makes sure your book is easily accessible on the up-to-date technology through outlets such Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc.

Editing & Design

Spending numerous hours writing reduces your chances of identifying misspelled words, correct word usage, typos, and capitalization. Our line editing exmaines your manuscript thoroughly to catch oversights.


Need help with illustrations? We are able to help you make sure your illustrations help tell your story.


Branding & Identity

After all your hard work, you've found out that someone has used your work and claimed it as their own, and receiving royalities. Never worry. Your work will be identified with an ISB number, copyrighted, and will be identified in the Library of Congress Card Number (LCCN) program 



After numerous hours of creating characters, plots and scenes, the novel is complete, but you're not sure of its contents. ASP will review your novel for a nominal fee with extenseive feedback and constructive direction to help you take your book from paper to publishing.




T: 904-382-4947

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